An iPhone is too addictive like seriously


Send me a picture of you in our SUBMITBOX  and I’ll answer those things:
  • Your boyfriend (1D) is…
  • Your best friend (1D) is…
  • The place you’re going to live is…
  • First kiss with your BF looks like…
  • Your home looks like…

I’ll even do people who doesn’t follow. x

ciaolondon said: when are you gonna upload part 10?!?!?!?! i love that story ;)

You know I totally forgot to upload it, how stupid.! I’ll upload it asap.
Thanks btw ☺

x Q

When I meet one direction I’m gonna make them sign my underwear

uhfuckohyeahzarry said: Your theme is so beautiful omfg.

Thank you x

A Theme A Theme